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Thomas:"No, this is nothing. I just would like to avoid a fight."I said. "I'm more interested in seeing you."I said.
Emily: I smiled at Yuki and waited in the hallway.
Ella Hawkeye 2 hours ago

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Andvari Andvari is the eldest son of the dwarven solider, Sindri and Vrindr. He was born in 2789 in the Third Age, ten years before the Battle of Azanulbizar. In 2799, his younger brother, Loni was born, around the time that the Battle of Azanulbizar took place. When he came of age, in 2869, he took up the occupation of Blacksmith, under the tutelage of Bild. After the Battle of the Five Armies, he was one of the first dwarv... more
Icewolf 5 hours ago
Lofnheid is the youngest of five siblings, born to the dwarven blacksmith, Hredimar and the dwarven healer, Svarri. She was born in the year, 2851, and lived in her childhood years with her family in a village of Woodsmen of Mirkwood, near Rhosgobel, the dwelling place of Radagast the wizard. Her early life would have been lonely, had it not been for her older siblings, Lyndheid, her sister, and her brothers, Fafnir, Regin an... more
Icewolf 6 hours ago
Age: 24Height: 6' 6"Body Type: MuscularHair Color/Style: Deep crimson color that falls just past his earsEye Color: Gold/AmberSkin Tone: TannedPe rsonality: Reserved and quiet he will more than likely avoid directly speaking to others unless he must but has no problem being blunt in conversations, preferring to speak his mind. Will use any means to survive and has little strong loyalty to employers until his job is done or until he no longer desir... more

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    The aunt of @Lyndheid and @Lofnheid, and sister of the blacksmith and warrior, Hredimar. Along with her brother, she was warrior under Lord Fundin'...
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    The youngest daughter of the dwarf smith and warrior, Hredimar and the healer, Svarri, and the youngest of five siblings. Sister of the dwarf maid...
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    Loni is the youngest son of the dwarven solider, Sindri and the dwarrowdam, Vrindr. He grew up in Ered Luin with his family and when he became of ...
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    Freakinout, The Crazed Doktor replied in forum topic
    Celebrity Teens!
    There is no real “Plot” to this RP. It goes from day to day just revolving around Celebrity Teens! You are a Celebrity Teen and just live yo...
    Freakinout, The Crazed Doktor
    Thomas:"No, this is nothing. I just would like to avoid a fight."I said. "I'm more interested in see...
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    \ \ \٩(。•ㅅ•。)و/ / / Im finally done for today I went from frame 44 to 346!!! I'm happy with my progress and hope that I can get 400 done tomorrow!! For now I feel like counting sheep.
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