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Roleplay Social is an online roleplaying social network for all makes and models of roleplay. Roleplay Social provides a free community for those who enjoy creative writing and connecting with like minded roleplayers.

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What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying on Roleplay Social is taking a character or role, and playing that role out through creative writing. Roleplaying is where you imagine yourself in the role of another, whether it is a creation of your imagination or one of your idols, or your favorite characters from a book, anime, tv show, etc.

Here is a short example of roleplaying;

Vladimir stumbled his way into the town tavern. Yet another stressful day was ending and he needed a nice cold drink to wash away his worries. He moved to the counter of the bar and took a seat on one of the stools, then motioned to the bar tender to serve him a drink.

"A scotch on the rocks and make it extra dirty."

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I started out on Bebo really, though I was on sites like Myspace, Ezboard and a few others I cannot remember.  
I Roleplay most Genres but main are Mature Themes - With Other Half ONLY!!VampiresFantasyVampiresSupernaturalVampire DiariesMagicalRomance
I have been role-playing now for almost 9 years now.  Like many who have commenting on this forum, I too started on Bebo and was there until it closed down due to "maintenance"  Though I have joined a few other sites since then, found this site much to my liking xD
Ace went to the main office, poked his head in, he saw the secretary working the keyboard and paper n her desk. Ace crouched behind a desk, and hid from sight, he waited till she got up to use the restroom, which was a good solid 15 mins till she left. When she did, Ace got up and went to the camera room, all schools, or most schools have... More
Dakota Pattington Yesterday, 08:07PM


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If any boys would like to date, just private message me. All I ask is that you're a kind, loving, American boy (don't know why), who is 15 or younger.
Blaze11 Oct 7
Be wise to check out my Interest section. What ? That's all she has to say ?Some of Us put Things in strange places.Weird ? Maybe but entertaining always.
Effects Caused by: Carbide Ceramic Ossification | Muscular Enhancement Injections | Catalytic Thyroid Implant | Bionic Arms: To start of explaining the effects of these three highly advanced body augmentations, we need to talk about the augmenta tions themselves. The Carbide Ceramic Ossification is an advanced metal alloy material grafted onto the skeletal structures to make bones virtually unbreakable. Total bone coverage is possible ... more

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