Had 2 meetings in past month, i've got a regular fuckbuddy now lol

I'm so happy to be on the front page, I’m having fun. XO

I was looking for girly fun for me and my man and found so much more!


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Angel Princess, Father died by an attack at the Pa... more

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The circle was group of members that formed together in Alicante <br/> Idris Valentine Morgenstern and his falowers they lead the uprisings witch caused Valentine to take over , he went to far he wanted to kill downworlders. His members betrayed him include his wife Joclelyn just left him and never return, he married and young women named Alice and they had many kids with her they lived in harmony without battles , the clave wanted Valentin... more
"Ann Putman Jr. You are sentence to be burned at the stake for performing witchcraft and speaking with the devil himself. I see that you are damned in hell for all eternity by the power of god!" The judge spoke. Everyone glared at the little girl for her crimes as well as the three other girls whose heads laid low in shame. The villagers then grabed them to be tied and burned at the stake. They screamed in pain as their flesh cripse... more
Clairece Benton Yesterday, 12:26AM
[Paragraph Rpers only and also someone who isn't very strict with being out of character or really stern] "Sebastian....don't you hold back...take me...my soul....engrave the pain into me. I want to feel it. If I leave this world now...the last thing I want...is to be able to feel again....to feel pain and heartbreak knowing that I loved you, but I could never admit it to you because I....was a fool" Ciel whispered with a weak voice to th... more

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Thomas: I saw nick being drowned. And no one was doing anything. I hated playing hero. "Excuse me. I'll be back in just a moment."I said. I walked over to the pool and pulled the guy drowning nick out of the pool and slammed his head on the floor. I pulled nick out of the pool as well. I put Nick's attacker in a police hold and tied him up with zip ties. "You are under citizen's arrest for destruction of property, assault, and...
" You forget this is Corny we are talking about. He doesn't know any social cues at all." Reya said. " Plus, do you think he'll listen to whoever you left in charge? He's probably reading or in the library." Jayson nods in understanding.  " I sssssee. Sssssso thissss persssson hassss to be mighty powerful to pull off ssssuch a tassssk."    
Samantha Walls 5 hours ago
[On soft sandy sore of private beach within unmarked location only strong strive for victory, within the heart of battle each man,woman part take In a secure arena to find out who best. Each fighter is unknown to the other and only method of talk is by the fist alone. The arena was large and marked by clear cut stone a mixture of dark gray and light as the outline in curricular shape. The  rule's where made simple between each fighter to... More
~DBZ~Tenkai 7 hours ago
The Crazed Doktor laughed. "Now ve release ze man Und record his activity. I'm curious to see vhat vould happen if you had a third kidney." He said.

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