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Name: Hedricks Insane Asylum.

History: Built by a Hedricks in 1880, it was made for unethical procedures to be carried out and tested on the insane, to give them an edge in making amazing progress in health-related research and come up with inventions that can win them billions of dollars. The heirs and heiresses of the family kept doing the same thing, hiding the hospital from all. People think it's safe and normal, but no one knows the truth.

The most gruesome experiments were done on the patients. They do them until now, but they've changed in that they have less of a need for painful procedures. They test drugs on them and watch them get worse everyday. (might add more later).

Setting: Near Redrickson (made up town), hidden behind Dogtown, Massachusetts, USA.

Location: Dogtown, Massachusetts, USA.

Exterior:  but much higher ceilings; as if there's a third floor rather than it being two floors. Also, it stretches out into two corridors; like Ancient Greek architecture. Like: http://www.mepham.org/building-1937.jpg



The Padded Room: 

Regular 1-Person Patient Rooms: An entirely white room, slightly small, with one white metal frame bed in the centre. Directly above it is a ceiling window that cannot be opened. The door, thick, with many locks, has a square glass part that enables nurses & doctors to look in on the patients. 

Regular 2-Person Patient Rooms: Same as above but bigger and with beds on either side of the room.



Regular:  But no window.

Haunted: Yes.

Ethical: No.


1. Dr. Zothesclue Ixvereztte.

Gender: Male.

Age: 27.

Role: Main doctor.

Occupation: Mad scientist/doctor/psychologist.

Physical Description: Tall, skinny, black spiky/shaggy hair, big grey-green eyes, skin pale as snow, crazy eyes and insane, creepy smile. German.

Personality: Mad, sadistic, unethical, masochistic, obsessive, creepy. Easily angered. Over-protective of his precious experiments. Playful and cheerful. Has the weirdest inventions, including an intelligent pet cockroach he named Filth.

2. Dr. Watson Apehnshimer

Gender: Male.

Age: 32.

Role: Assistant of Zothesclue.

Occupation: Assistant psychologist/doctor.

Physical Description: Fat, bald spot, thinning hair, big nose, small brown eyes, always looks like he’s suffocating.

Personality: Over-bearing, pretentious, easily scared, not very bright, ass-kisser.

Habits/Mannerisms: Spits a lot, sweats a lot, bites at his nails, stutters and stumbles over his own words.


1. Amy Nellborough

Gender: Female.

Age: 24.

Role: Main nurse/head nurse.

Occupation: Mental Hospital Nurse.

Physical Description: Fake blonde with slightly tanned skin. Big arse and breasts, slim waist but slightly tubby. Somewhat tall.

Personality: Bitchy, loud, annoying, pretentious, acts tough but is easily scared, cruel, slutty.

2. Jeremy Hedricks

Gender: Male.

Age: 23.

Role: Supporting nurse.

Occupation: Mental Hospital Nurse.

Physical Description: Strong build; nearly athletic. Tall. Light brown hair, tan skin, blue eyes, gentle smile.

Personality: As he's still new to the whole thing, he's unsure of how to act. 

His father is the rich guy behind the asylum, so he shoved him into it, simply because he wanted to be a nurse. He's learning from Amy,

and he's scared of her, so in front of her he treats the patients cruelly. In those rare moments she isn't about, he tries to show them some

gentleness. He's the patients' favourite.

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I asked you all responded and in total nine yes says we are holding our first tournament. Now I've put a lot of thought into this tournament and to make it on as fair of a ground as I can be there will be a couple of rules. Remember this is to simply make the tournament a fair enough fight where skill trumps all. However I am not saying that this is an absolute 100% full proof rule set either. Just bare with me and have fun.


1. All fights must be held in the chosen area.

2. There are to be no powers used. There will be a temporal loop in place to where should a character use a power the right will be reset to the point of before that power is used. This is to ensure that all fighters have a fair enough chance. We can't have characters with reality manipulation fighting characters with no powers at all. That would just be completely unfair and illogical.

3. All Races are welcome and they will get their racial abilities: Sadly there is not much I can do about this one but it would be too limiting to say only humans. As such All races are welcomed into the ring and they will have the abilities of that race. Come to me if you have any questions. However this doesn't mean races like elements will be allowed to throw their elements around either. Simply because you're made of the element doesn't mean you'll be allowed to use it. I am considering that a power not a racial ability.

4. All starting matches will be decided by a dice roll: This is to ensure that no bias from me comes into play. If you don't like who you're put against it's due to a random number generator not my own personal bias.

5. All Combatants are allowed Weapons. This is to spice up the battles a bit if you prefer to fight with a weapon then have it. However no weapons will have any sort of powers or abilities.

6. Deaths might accrue but they will not be permanent. I will try to call fights to the best of my ability to make sure no character dies however due to characters being allowed weapons this might not always happen. As such a temporal loop will be in place that will reset the fight completely causing the party who had died to come back to life.

7. The first eight to sign up will get the spots.

8. All fights must be held within the forum. This is to ensure that all parties involved such as the judges, the opponent and the other combatants will be able to see what is happening.

9. No God-Modding, Meta-Gaming, or Power playing. Breaking any one of these will result in immediate disqualification.

10. All combatants are allowed 1 character and 1 profile to fight with. If you are not on the signed-up profile or using the signed-up character then you will be asked to switch. If you attempt to sign-up with another profile and another character your sign-up will be rejected.

11. Do not argue with the judges decision. You can ask for a repeal however every judge has the right to deny your repeal should they consider the issue petty. However if a judge refuses your repeal and they are found wrong you will be allowed a rematch.


Profile Name: (The profile you're using)
Character Name: (The character you're using)
Character Race: (Please have proof of racial abilities if it's an obscure race)
Weapon Used: (If any)

immortal ; appears in mid-twenties,
Raven black hair, and amber gold eyes,
has manipulation of one key element;
Life Force Manipulation, Life Force Absorption,

Life Force Arts: Aether Manipulation; it's possible the name that Thessia gave to her magic is not Life Force Manipulation at all and is something that she claims it to be to make her seem more powerful than she is. With the manipulation of chakras, chi, ki and other sorts of inner life energies, she is able to use it in a multitude of ways all beneficial in combat as well as hospitality. Though, someone with her personality most likely does not and will not help anyone that she has not devoted herself to, to some degree. Some of the powers available to her are launching multiple forms reiyoku, healing, and even absorbing life from an incapacitated individual to extend her own life and re-energize herself. Some say the reason why she as lived so long as because of the countless helpless individuals she lured in and took their life force.

Some may call the woman a siren, using carnal lust and manipulation of the mind to allow ends to meet, some call her a witch that casts spells upon people to do her bidding, but it is more than clear despite looking like human, she may not be one at all anymore.

Work in progress!
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Trythrone is an ever expanding self created universe dedicated to a D&D/Action Adventure/Open World style roleplay designed by myself. This world is home to a number of species including but not limited to Humans, Wood Elves, High Elves, Drow (Dark Elves), Krackenites (Amphibian Humanoids who worship the Kraken), Warforced (Man made automatons who have since overthrown their creators and created their own society), Gnomes, Dryads, Dwarves, Homunculi, Druids, and Troglodytes (Reptilian Humanoids who live underground.) This world is designed in such a way to give people a universe to literally do whatever they want in. You wanna become a king of a nation feel free. You wanna go on a mass genocide and exterminate an entire species go ahead. The sky's the limit in this roleplay. If you're interested in this roleplay let me know. Generally though this roleplay is based around a rolling system. Meaning there will always be D&D aspects within the roleplay. 


Trythrone Magic is run by a number of different features. Mostly schools of magic that can be broken down into three different types of casting systems; the Rune system, the Blood system, and the Mana system.

Rune System: The Rune system is the least powerful form of magic within the world. It's deprived from using incantations upon rune essence to copy a spell onto it. However that rune only has one use and if used too soon the spell will fizzle or explode causing it to fail as it didn't have time to settle within the rune. The amount of time it will take for it to settle within the rune will be determined by a dice roll. More powerful spells will have a longer settle time though than less powerful ones. Meaning while a fireball would take maybe thirty minutes to an hour to settle a fire wall could take anywhere from an hour to two hours. However the up side of this would be essence normally absorb mana after the spell is placed within. This causes the spell to increase in power. So technically you can make a fireball which would be 5x more powerful than one you could normally cast yourself. This is also the most expensive form of magic as mages who only use runes to cast will be forced to pay a large amount.

Mana System: The Mana system is the most basic and proffered method most take when making a mage character. This would be because it's the easiest to learn and probably the second least expensive route as with this roleplay you tend to pick up spells through your adventures or by buying spells books. All spells are learned meaning you have to take time out to read spell books or find a master to teach you in the school you wish to be taught. As well all characters have a mana pool or a set amount of magical power that they can focus on to create spells. All spells have a set amount of mana cost which will vary spell to spell. Finally even though all characters have mana pools some species have an easier time learning magic and learning in certain types of schools. The High Elf being the most prominent example as High Elves are known within their country and the world as the most powerful mages.

Blood System: Within Trythrone there is a third hidden type of system which is not only the most powerful but the least expensive and most dangerous to yourself. This is the Blood Magic system a system where you literally use your own life force to cast spells. This is the most powerful as it takes any spells base level and doubles it. This system is also banned within all countries of the world, that have political systems, as it is the most deadly and it causes harm to its user. If you are caught using Blood Magic chances are you will be arrested and become a fugitive. You will afterwards not be allowed within cities that know of you and your magic as this magic system is most known for being used by those who within history would be considered tyrannical.

The Schools: 

Destruction Magic: This magic is used souly for the purpose of DPS (Damage Per Second). Mages who study within Destruction Magic are usually sought out by countries to fight for them within their armies. Through the destruction school you learn the basic elements and how to use them in combat. The elements of this world are Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark, Lightening.

Restoration Magic: Restoration is known widely for it's healing abilities. These are your white mages and the people taught in this school are usually sought out for this purpose. Normally healing mages though are found in churches and places of worship to offer their healings to those who require them. However some have been found within warrior guilds for the soul purpose of healing those who come back injured.

Alteration Magic: Alteration is used to distort the reality around you and is known to be one of the hardest forms of magic to learn. Mages of this school are often sought out for council as the major of people who study within this school are strategists who use this magic to give themselves an upper hand whether it be on the field of battle or it be to create new and interesting items or structures. However the ones who are able to do this are generally masters who prefer not to teach something that could dangerous in the wrong hands as history has proven.

Illusion Magic: Illusion like Alteration is used to distort reality but in a different way it is generally used for more practical uses such as creating light, or making yourself to appear more threatening to scare away those who may harm you. However the most powerful mages within this field can be sought after by the governments to help them within times of war to trick their enemies into an illusion.

Enchanting Magic: Enchanting is by far the most sought after by blacksmiths and warriors alike. However many don't understand how it actually works. For enchanting in Trythrone is far different from something like Elder Scrolls. Enchanting within here is designed to use gems which are usually embedded with mana to generate a certain type of magical ability within the weapon. Not actually taking any mana to do but the use of mana is required to detect the type of enchantment a gem may give you. The most powerful of Enchanters can actually detect and find gems themselves as such usually have a fair stock.

Alchemy: Alchemy is separated into two different sections Herbal Alchemy and Chemical Alchemy. Herbal Alchemy is usually used to fuse mana with different types of herbs and flesh to create potions that have a various amounts of effects. Chemical Alchemy is currently the newest form of magic and by far the most experimental with no real masters of the art just yet. However it is said that the founder of Chemical Alchemy is able to change any type of metal into gold. However he disappeared about 20 years ago and no one knows what happened to him.


Limboria: Limboria, a society ran by a monarchy, is among the most diverse of the countries though it's largely populated by humans majority of the other species can be found living here as well. As such it's religious views are extremely varied. Ruled by Robert L Limboria he often seeks council from his trusted Court Wizard, Morvanous Rosenhall. This country is rich in both farm land and forests making it ideal for a place to live. However it is currently at odds with the nation of Highsol as they wish for it's fertile lands.

Skythrow: Skythrow is a democracy ran by a council of chosen few by the people of their country. This country is home to the Wood Elves who largely believe in following Seldarine and sticking to their ways of life as Fey creatures. As such they live in treetop communities however because of this most of this country is overgrown and extremely difficult to navigate if you don't know what you're doing. Majority of outsiders who visit this country are forced to find escorts to help them find their destination. Not much is known about this country outside of these details.

Everlind: Everlind is a lush fertile land home to plains and the Nomadic Tribes of a number of different species. However the population is low as they feed off the land. All worship Kyrgyz and respect the land around them. To desecrate it for unneeded purpose would be seen as an act against their god and blasphemy. However since they are nomadic they tend to never stay in the same place for very long and only take what they need to survive and are run through a tribal system governed by the chiefs of each tribe. However that is all that is known about this country for the outside world.

Kilu: Kilu is an underground nation that is dominated by the Troglodytes. Just like Everlind they are run by a Tribal base system and not much is known about them. However the denizens of this country have been known to stir up unmeant trouble within it's surrounding countries. No one knows quite why but they know the mages and warriors of this species are quite a forced to be reckoned with and are feared by those around them. However that is not all about this land to even travel the surface is quite dangerous as Tren, powerful creatures who are ravenous and unpredictable, own the mountains above. To even attempt to cross means possibly running into one of these creatures and losing your life. As such this country acts as a boarder between the three countries around it. None wish to meet these creatures.

Trihol: Trihol is one of the two secluded island nations of this would and is home to the Krakenites. Governed through their belief that the Kraken is the almighty god of this world. Their chosen leader being able to speak to the Kraken directly the only real way to be accepted by these creatures is to believe in their god as well. For all who oppose the Kraken shall feel it's wrath. Many travelers have lost their lives to these creatures however those who have been able to live and detail this society have reported that they do not only live upon the surface but in the water as well. Many of them swim hand and tentical with the Kraken itself in a symbiotic harmony.

Highsol:  The Human nation of Highsol is known for one this and one thing only, it's blood-lust and prowess in war. Governed by a Dictator this country works off if you kill it it's yours. At a young age boys are trained for combat and bred to kill. Every ounce of individuality is normally beaten out of them as if they do not believe violence solves all then they are no use to anyone. As such this country heavily follows the worship of War Gods and have been known for having chosen warriors of different Gods of War.

Litoria: Dwarves and their mines are what are found in this country. Mostly living in under ground societies this country is ran by a Parliament which is primarily consistent of the heads of the major Dwarven clans. Living mostly as peaceful and passive aggressive Dwarves are jolly, hard working, and fun loving creatures. The metal that comes from this country is legendary and is known to be credited with discovering gun powder.

Trivoria: Songs and rich forests fill this land as the Gnomes of this world govern and work in this country as a republic. These little beings only wish to live in peace and worship The Lord of the Golden Hills through song, work, dance, and play. Any adventurer who has gone through through has hardly seen one of these creatures as they hide from danger. Due to them being directly above Highsol they believe all beings to be bad and that they should fear them. It takes a lot for these little guys to trust an outsider but when they do wonders happen as the forest lights up and they are happy to accommodate the traveler.

Vornaq: Vornaq is by far the most in-tune with magic however this would probably be due to them housing the most magically originated species of all, the High Elves. Governed through a Totalitarian government this country is home to the hardest working and longest living species. As such feeling they are better than everyone this country has secluded themselves from the rest of the world. Not accepting any trades or visitors from other countries. This country is at ends with their Fey brethren of Everlind and Inaru.

Bara: The barbarian nation of Bara is home to Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Giants. This is by far the most dangerous country as only the bravest of adventures from all nations only dare to step only a few meters within as this country is only named through the others and bares no government or law. However known once for being a nation itself the ground is littered with ruins of the country that once was here.

Fulsulia: The druid country of Fulsulia is a country known very little about except it is home to the druids. Creatures who live and are born from the land and are known to be great wielders of the land and restoration magic. These people are peaceful and worship the Triple Moon Goddess and Three Horn God of Wicca. They believe in the preservation of all life and as such are very content with their little country and their little Theocracy. If you simply wish to pass through ask. However they are dressed in cloaks and never show their faces. As such hardly anyone knows what they actually look like.

Inaru: Inaru is home to the much hated Drow species and is ruled by their Monarchy under King Unoti Hashaco. Driven out of their home originally in Vornaq due to the differences between the rival factions these creatures now live in underground societies and are master blacksmiths and mages. Not the most peaceful of the Fey nations Unoti rules with an iron fist and those who venture into the outside world without permission to gather supplies are shunned by his decree.

Darengem: Home to Dryads and Giants Darengem is divided into two sections as understood by these two species. The Dryads keeping to the forests in their Totalitarian government and their worship of Lauria the Patron of the Forest. The Giants sticking to their anarchy and worship of Annam All-Father in the mountains. However both seem to feed off eachother and it looks as though the giants have started to band together.

Zeunild: Home of the Warforged and clouded in mystery. This country is the most technologically advanced society out there and by far the most secretive. Only rumors can be heard of this place and the most prominent is they have come up with a weapon that's even stronger than a bow.

Neuralria: The only place that is known to use Blood Magic openly and the only place that is home to the Homunculi. This place is in complete anarchy as driven mages work to create what seems to be either an army or a nation of their own. The Homunculi only worship the ones who create them they are the ones who seem to run this shadow of what appears to be a country in the making.

Unexplored Islands: The unexplored islands are unexplored for a reason. These islands are home to werewolves and undead who worship the Deadric Princes. Once believed to be inhabited by ones living and regular beings though almost all of these islands have some sort of ruins to them. Are you brave enough to explore here?










Health: (Will be determined for you after you fill out this form)

Mana: (Will be determined for you after you fill out this form)


Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:


Equipment (Will be given to you depending on your class)






Dominant Hand:




Weapons Available: (Will be given to you later on)

Armor Available: (Will be given to you later on)

Spells Available and how much they cost: (Will be given to you later on)

Gold: 500gp

You have 24 points to distribute. You are allowed to take points away from other areas until the points in that area have reached 8. The max an ability to go up to is 20.

Strength: 10 (Determines how much extra damage you deal with your weapon and determines how well your acts of strength go)

Constitution: 10 (Determines starting health and how well you're able to preform acts of speed and endurance.)

Dexerity: 10 (Determines how well your character can sneak, pick a lock, steal, and balance)

Intellegence: 10 (Determines how many languages you know to begin with, how well you know your history and religion, and how well detect magic)

Wisdom: 10 (Determines your perception, insight, healing, and magical ability)

Charisma: 10 (Determines how well you can talk to people and your ability to bluff, speak diplomatically, and intimidate.)

Luck: 10 (Determines your ability to gain items and determines how how much trouble you need to go through for those items)


// Official Ship Specifications \\

UCS Stallion

Registration # FFTC-1703

Class: Heavy Dreadnought

Manufacturer: Fukushima-Fijikawa Ship Yards

Roles: Warship // Deep Space Exploration

Commissioned: 72 A.E.

Affiliation: United Coalition Command


UCS Stallion (FFTC-1703) was the first Heavy Dreadnought-class warship commissioned into the United Coalition Command following the end of the Human-Tet war in 3456. Stallion was a starship technology demonstrator, using recovered technology found during the discovery of facilities and installations thought once lost. Stallion’s on-board AI, Athena, oversees all activities on the ship.


// History \\

Battle of New London

The UCS Stallion has fought in many engagements but the most famous that awarded it the Golden Stallion Bust at its bow was the Battle of New London. The Stallion and her support fleet of heavy tactical cruisers, heavy destroyers and Falcon fighters defended New London from a fleet of Unforgiving hive carriers and their hive swarm. Commander Jak Harper and his tactical genius were able to successfully defend against the hive swarms and completely destroy the attacking hive carriers. Though this was prior to the invention of the magnetohydrodynamic cannon array, the battle was long and the Stallion sustained heavy damage.


Reconstruction of the Stallion

After many hard fought battles the Stallion had to be decommissioned for the major overhaul of upgrades and refitting its weapons, shields, sensors, trackers, communications and scanners. Through few months of reconstruction and redesign the Stallion was recommissioned back to the front lines as vessel with two roles; warship and an exploration starship.


Discovery of Ays

During 99 A.E. the Stallion and her occupants came across an undiscovered gas giant with an orbiting moon who its inhabitants call it Ays. The large vessel made land fall and deployed its engineers, technicians and xenoarcheologists on to the surface of Ays. The inhabitants known as Takkan graced the large crew of the Stallion and shared history, culture, medical knowledge, and star charts of the sector. This led to the Gaia Sanction allowing the Takkan into their graces as civilians.

 The Destruction of November

During a reclamation mission of a old refinery site on a outpost world turned pirate cove of Novemeber, Jak and his chief engineer, Alex Arrow, were caught in a battle for their lives. Other Rangers fought with them as they moved the battle to the cove and completely wiped it out after a long night of fire fights. It was then that they discovered a large bulkhead sealed tightly with powerful magnetic locks and covered in biohazard warnings. When the process of it opening began something inside broke through and began to terrorize the Diamond Dogs who were securing all the loot. The creature was large in size but had no real shape. The surviving members were able to escape on board a heavy frigate sent from the Stallion. Commander Harper gave the command for a Shiva-class nuclear missile to be launched and thus the monstrous creature and planet were destroyed.

Ship Specifications Pt. II

Stallion is approximately 8.7 kilometers (5.2 miles) from bow to stern, placing it as the third largest UCC vessel. Stallion was given high tech advancements in technology. It has a primary armament consisting of four Magnetic Accelerator Cannons. The hull and shielding have been shown to be immensely powerful, as demonstrated when it rammed a Tactical-class armored cruiser and destroyed it without even breaking its own shields. Her construction was intended on having a “tank” like warship with no view ports besides the single forward facing view port on the bridge. Even then the bridge has its own shutter system. The design also implemented a self-repair/upgradable automated rings. They can deploy from any area that is needs attention. The engines are of Fukushimia-Fijikawa design, built and designed on the Atlas.

Length: 8,500 meters (27,887 feet)

Width: 2,414 meters (7,920 feet)

Height:  1,842 meters (6.043 feet)

Engine Unites:

XR2 Borlin Fields: S81/X-DFR // Mk III Core-C 1000 MWD // Capital Auxiliary Thrusters

Slipspace Drive:

Jump Portal Generator Mk II // Cynosural Field Generator // Cynosural Generator Array


Advanced Hexagon Metaphase Shields (protects from energy, explosive, projectiles)


654 centimeters (257.48 feet) Ferromagnetic Ablative/Reactive Battle plating, Tritanium-A3, Hyperadamanium

 Sensor Systems:

LIDAR // Spectroscopes // Radar // Long Range Sensors // EVA Probe // Internal Scans // Geological Scan // Cargo Scanners // Ship to Ship Scanners // Survey Scanners // Scanner & Survey Probe scanners.

Repair Systems:

LX-Automated Deployable Repair/Construction Rings // Capital Nano-assemblers for on the fly repairs



Power Core: Super Hyper-Arc Fusion Power Core “Apollo-class”.

Auxiliary Power Controls: Thukker Auxiliary Power Core.

Capacitor Batteries: Capital XL Peroxide Capacitor Power Cells.

Capacitor Boosters: Heavy F-RX Prototype Capacitor Boosters.

Capacitor Flux Coils: Type-E Power Core Modification: Capacitor Flux.

Capacitor Power Relays: Type-E Power Core Modification: Capacitor Power.

Capacitor Rechargers: F-b10 Nominal Capacitor Regenerator.

Power Diagnostic Systems: Type-E Power Core Modification: Diagnostic.

Reactor Control Unit: Alpha Reactor Control: Reaction Control.

Jump Fuel Types: Helium-3 // Oxygen-16 // Hydrogen-2
note: capital ships such as the Stallion take 1,000 isotopes per light-year.


Electronic Warfare:

ECCM Sensor Boosters (Gravimetric, Ladar, Magnetometric, Multi-Spectral, Radar) // Stasis Webifiers // Tracking Disruptors // Warp Jammers // Target Painters // Warp Disruption Field Generators.


Harvest Equipment:

Syndicate Gas Cloud Harvester // ORE Ice Harvester // XeCI Drilling Beam/Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II.


Warfare Links:

Armored Warfare Links // Informational Warfare Links // Siege Warfare Links // Skirmish Warfare links.


Ship Armament:

Stallion’s primary armament consists of four CR-03 Series-8 magnetic accelerator cannons. Stallion boasts a significant missile network that can be implemented for ship-to-ship combat, anti-air defense and orbital gunfire support for Ranger forces. Placed throughout the ship are 1,100 missile pods of three types: Archer, Swarm, and Howler, totaling the ship's missile payload at 25,900 missiles. Close-in defense against enemy missiles, fighters, and boarding craft is provided by the ship's M965 Fortress point defense system, a network of 830 70mm, 40mm automatic cannons, and high beams. It also has a number of Mk 2551 Portable Magnetic Accelerator Cannon placed along the ship. Other armaments are the track operated system 60 inch caliber super-heavy quad-cannons, powerful super-heavy Vulcan broadside cannons, and the deployable spinal-mounted magnetohydrodynamic arrays.

Primary Capital Weapon Systems:

4 CR-03, Series-8 SMACs (two fore, two flank) 4 Tri-X1, Series-5 MHD Arrays (two fore, two flank)

Dual Giga Pulse Laser

Dual Giga Beam Laser

Quad 3500mm Gallium Cannons

Quad 3500mm Gallium Siege Artillery

6x2500mm Heavy Gallium Repeating Cannons

Shock ‘Limos’ Citadel Torpedo Bay

Citadel Cruise Missile Launcher Bay

Mega Ion Siege Blaster

Offensive Weapon Systems:

176 Super-heavy 60in caliber quad cannons (AP,HE,PR)

Mk 2551 Portable MAC Cannons

M85 Anti-Aircraft Cannons

High Beam High Focused Laser Cannons

40 HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapons (30 megaton yield)

10 Shiva-class Thermonuclear Missiles

Defensive Weapon Systems:

350 M42 Archer Missile Pods (24mpp)

250 M75 Swarm Missile Pods (30mpp)

500 M96 Howler Missile Pods (20mpp)

830 70mm M965 Point-defense gun system with Medium Beam Focused Lasers

M97 Guided Missile Weapon Systems

Deployable HORNET Mine Field System

Ammunition & Charges:

Gleam-L Frequency Crystals // Tremor-L advanced artillery ultra-heavy ammo // Barrage advanced autocannon fusion ammo // Missiles/Rockets: Auto-targeting, Citadel Cruise, Citadel Torpedoes, Defenders, Heavy Assault, Light Assault. // Mining Crystal: Arkonor Mining Crystal

Ship Purpose:

The original purpose of Stallion was to beat back the Tet in the event that they were to attack humanity. During the Human-Tet war, it was repurposed as an expeditionary and exploratory ship. It is also the location of a Guardian-class Ranger training site. Stallion’s mission prior to the Battle of New London was to locate the remaining Human and other alien installations and establish bases on them to oversee their decommission.

Ship Compliment:

M12 Force Application Vehicles

D79H-TC Ospreys

M808B Main Battle Tanks

M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicles

M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platforms

HRUNTING/YGGDRSIL Mk IX Armor Defense Systems

F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighters

10 Heavy Tactical Cruisers (800 meters) +

20 Tactical Destroyers (450 meter long axis) +

R1295 Launching System/M9407 SOEIV (329)

B854 Jettison Bays/M8823 HEV (124)

SKT-29 Class-8 EHL/C (8,900)

RLT-85 Emergency Shuttlepods (12,570)

Ship Crew:

Total Crew: 17,151

Naval: 8,954

Rangers: 6,021

Intelligence: 1,699

Civilian: 447


Shipboard AI: Athena

Athena, just like Greek goddess, is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavor. Her attitude was programmed to be wise-like, bossy, shrewd and sometimes jokes with the officers. She is in charge of the duties and automated defense systems and all the while giving advice to anyone who needs it. Her creation was from a spark of historical personality from the Father of AI on the Atlas; the Axios. She is also created to infiltrate computer systems. She appears to be in a warrior outfit with a white/golden glow to her hologram.


ST-84 Launch Bay (Sahelanthropus Tchadensis 84): Anthropoid Bipedal Weapons System.

Walker Gears (Gatling, Missile, Flamethrower, Railgun) variants.

Wormhole Fulton Extraction Receiving Stations.


☮ Big Boss Jul 13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4

I  seem to be rather lonely .....anything would help..

plz don't be scared..

but im a demon...I don't tell many this


name: Houki Shinonono
age: 19


Having been raised in a shrine, her personality is of discipline and temperateness. As such, she had a hard time socializing with other kids (other boys made fun of her for being boyish) so she had virtually no friends (until she went to the IS Academy), except for Ichika who thought of her as a cute girl and helped her out by chasing those boys away whenever she was being mocked. She usually wants to be scorned or punished for her mistakes and feels worse when she isn't. This was seen shortly after the battle with the Silver Gospel, in which Ichika sustained several critical injuries for which she blamed herself. Ichika was quick to forgive her, but she did not accept his kindness because she thought that he forgave that easily. She does want to change these tendencies, but she hasn't managed to make any changes regardless. Houki can be calmed down or cheered up if Ichika were to compliment her. Unusually she is close friends with Akeno Himegima, sinse both met in a tough battle, witch became a real mess, and Houki had to save Akeno. Sinse then both had kept a strange sisterly bond, makeing them a cute pair in life, and a deadly duo in battle.


She has very little confidence in her looks and being feminine. She always feels uncomfortable when she has to wear revealing and/or feminine clothes like dresses (a fact she's well aware of). She also becomes quite shy when Ichika looks at her or compliments her (once even thinking she was dreaming after Ichika called her pretty). She also likes seeing Ichika in suits, to the point where can lose all her rage in a instant and finds it troublesome just trying to look at him directly. 

Her armored mech-type suit is the last generation, makeing it a fearfill machine that can outmach anything it faces, its powers are adaptive, meaning it can cop enemy moves and evolve on its own.

name: Tatenashi Sarashiki
age: 19


Despite her tendency to tease, Tatenashi has also shown moments of being flustered, mostly as a result of her feelings for Ichika.

Her teasing includes appearing before Ichika half naked or even asking him to undress her. She often does both when she has him give her a massage, after which she teases him about him enjoying it. Tatenashi also teases Houki about how her breasts are bigger than her own. Although she told Ichika that she doesn't allow such things after she was told about what happened in the computer world. This occurs moments after she asked him to do similar lewd things to her so she would forgive him for accidentally seeing her with her upper body naked. This suggest that outburst was mainly out of jealousy.

She does have a serious side, though she tends to talk playfully even when serious so it can be difficult to determine just how seriously she is taking things. Tatenashi takes failing rather hard, due to the fact she has many titles.

Her mech-type suit has water baced powers, and this means she controll any type and form of water, and manipulate it in a strange way.

Momoyo Kawakami Oct 14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
name: Natose Panzervaffe
age: 19

A cute looking girl, but with strainght above average, she has a heterochromia, so she wears an eye patch.
Her name means south star. She has a habit of eating late at night, witch may seem very funny in most cases.
She is a hard worker and a good martial artist, so she can handle herself well in a skirmish fight. She is very loyal and can even risk her life to save her master/mistress. Unusually polite, he rarely raises her voise, and keeps a calm polite tone.

Trained in an elite butler school, she knows how to calm down anyone, in any situation, and she is very good with kids.
She can wield spirital energy, witch is handy in combat, and in some other cases. She had a rather academical school life,and didnt had a relationship, but she hopes to find a perfect partner someday, and thill then, she will keep working hard...

Momoyo Kawakami Oct 23 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 3

need new mistress or master .... can be sexual towards me


immortal ; appears twenty-five,
father to haruhi and taro[?]
has manipulation of dark elements, such as;
darkness manipulation and dark magic.

Dark Arts: Dark Magic;are based upon self-serving, nefarious purposes. Focusing upon the far more grim means of magical pursuit; such as curses and the like – causing harm to others, usually complicating the lives of people around them in order to benefit their own-self – showing an immense amount of selfish goals and self-perseveration. Akuma is definitely a person that does nothing but seek higher fulfillment, conducting multiple acts that would traditionally be considered as magical taboo. Frowned upon because of it’s endangerment it casts upon the world of the living. work in progress...!
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