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I asked you all responded and in total nine yes says we are holding our first tournament. Now I've put a lot of thought into this tournament and to make it on as fair of a ground as I can be there will be a couple of rules. Remember this is to simply make the tournament a fair enough fight where skill trumps all. However I am not saying that this is an absolute 100% full proof rule set either. Just bare with me and have fun.


1. All fights must be held in the chosen area.

2. There are to be no powers used. There will be a temporal loop in place to where should a character use a power the right will be reset to the point of before that power is used. This is to ensure that all fighters have a fair enough chance. We can't have characters with reality manipulation fighting characters with no powers at all. That would just be completely unfair and illogical.

3. All Races are welcome and they will get their racial abilities: Sadly there is not much I can do about this one but it would be too limiting to say only humans. As such All races are welcomed into the ring and they will have the abilities of that race. Come to me if you have any questions. However this doesn't mean races like elements will be allowed to throw their elements around either. Simply because you're made of the element doesn't mean you'll be allowed to use it. I am considering that a power not a racial ability.

4. All starting matches will be decided by a dice roll: This is to ensure that no bias from me comes into play. If you don't like who you're put against it's due to a random number generator not my own personal bias.

5. All Combatants are allowed Weapons. This is to spice up the battles a bit if you prefer to fight with a weapon then have it. However no weapons will have any sort of powers or abilities.

6. Deaths might accrue but they will not be permanent. I will try to call fights to the best of my ability to make sure no character dies however due to characters being allowed weapons this might not always happen. As such a temporal loop will be in place that will reset the fight completely causing the party who had died to come back to life.

7. The first eight to sign up will get the spots.

8. All fights must be held within the forum. This is to ensure that all parties involved such as the judges, the opponent and the other combatants will be able to see what is happening.

9. No God-Modding, Meta-Gaming, or Power playing. Breaking any one of these will result in immediate disqualification.

10. All combatants are allowed 1 character and 1 profile to fight with. If you are not on the signed-up profile or using the signed-up character then you will be asked to switch. If you attempt to sign-up with another profile and another character your sign-up will be rejected.

11. Do not argue with the judges decision. You can ask for a repeal however every judge has the right to deny your repeal should they consider the issue petty. However if a judge refuses your repeal and they are found wrong you will be allowed a rematch.


Profile Name: (The profile you're using)
Character Name: (The character you're using)
Character Race: (Please have proof of racial abilities if it's an obscure race)
Weapon Used: (If any)
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// Official Ship Specifications \\

UCS Stallion

Registration # FFTC-1703

Class: Heavy Dreadnought

Manufacturer: Fukushima-Fijikawa Ship Yards

Roles: Warship // Deep Space Exploration

Commissioned: 72 A.E.

Affiliation: United Coalition Command


UCS Stallion (FFTC-1703) was the first Heavy Dreadnought-class warship commissioned into the United Coalition Command following the end of the Human-Tet war in 3456. Stallion was a starship technology demonstrator, using recovered technology found during the discovery of facilities and installations thought once lost. Stallion’s on-board AI, Athena, oversees all activities on the ship.


// History \\

Battle of New London

The UCS Stallion has fought in many engagements but the most famous that awarded it the Golden Stallion Bust at its bow was the Battle of New London. The Stallion and her support fleet of heavy tactical cruisers, heavy destroyers and Falcon fighters defended New London from a fleet of Unforgiving hive carriers and their hive swarm. Commander Jak Harper and his tactical genius were able to successfully defend against the hive swarms and completely destroy the attacking hive carriers. Though this was prior to the invention of the magnetohydrodynamic cannon array, the battle was long and the Stallion sustained heavy damage.


Reconstruction of the Stallion

After many hard fought battles the Stallion had to be decommissioned for the major overhaul of upgrades and refitting its weapons, shields, sensors, trackers, communications and scanners. Through few months of reconstruction and redesign the Stallion was recommissioned back to the front lines as vessel with two roles; warship and an exploration starship.


Discovery of Ays

During 99 A.E. the Stallion and her occupants came across an undiscovered gas giant with an orbiting moon who its inhabitants call it Ays. The large vessel made land fall and deployed its engineers, technicians and xenoarcheologists on to the surface of Ays. The inhabitants known as Takkan graced the large crew of the Stallion and shared history, culture, medical knowledge, and star charts of the sector. This led to the Gaia Sanction allowing the Takkan into their graces as civilians.

 The Destruction of November

During a reclamation mission of a old refinery site on a outpost world turned pirate cove of Novemeber, Jak and his chief engineer, Alex Arrow, were caught in a battle for their lives. Other Rangers fought with them as they moved the battle to the cove and completely wiped it out after a long night of fire fights. It was then that they discovered a large bulkhead sealed tightly with powerful magnetic locks and covered in biohazard warnings. When the process of it opening began something inside broke through and began to terrorize the Diamond Dogs who were securing all the loot. The creature was large in size but had no real shape. The surviving members were able to escape on board a heavy frigate sent from the Stallion. Commander Harper gave the command for a Shiva-class nuclear missile to be launched and thus the monstrous creature and planet were destroyed.

Ship Specifications Pt. II

Stallion is approximately 8.7 kilometers (5.2 miles) from bow to stern, placing it as the third largest UCC vessel. Stallion was given high tech advancements in technology. It has a primary armament consisting of four Magnetic Accelerator Cannons. The hull and shielding have been shown to be immensely powerful, as demonstrated when it rammed a Tactical-class armored cruiser and destroyed it without even breaking its own shields. Her construction was intended on having a “tank” like warship with no view ports besides the single forward facing view port on the bridge. Even then the bridge has its own shutter system. The design also implemented a self-repair/upgradable automated rings. They can deploy from any area that is needs attention. The engines are of Fukushimia-Fijikawa design, built and designed on the Atlas.

Length: 8,500 meters (27,887 feet)

Width: 2,414 meters (7,920 feet)

Height:  1,842 meters (6.043 feet)

Engine Unites:

XR2 Borlin Fields: S81/X-DFR // Mk III Core-C 1000 MWD // Capital Auxiliary Thrusters

Slipspace Drive:

Jump Portal Generator Mk II // Cynosural Field Generator // Cynosural Generator Array


Advanced Hexagon Metaphase Shields (protects from energy, explosive, projectiles)


654 centimeters (257.48 feet) Ferromagnetic Ablative/Reactive Battle plating, Tritanium-A3, Hyperadamanium

 Sensor Systems:

LIDAR // Spectroscopes // Radar // Long Range Sensors // EVA Probe // Internal Scans // Geological Scan // Cargo Scanners // Ship to Ship Scanners // Survey Scanners // Scanner & Survey Probe scanners.

Repair Systems:

LX-Automated Deployable Repair/Construction Rings // Capital Nano-assemblers for on the fly repairs



Power Core: Super Hyper-Arc Fusion Power Core “Apollo-class”.

Auxiliary Power Controls: Thukker Auxiliary Power Core.

Capacitor Batteries: Capital XL Peroxide Capacitor Power Cells.

Capacitor Boosters: Heavy F-RX Prototype Capacitor Boosters.

Capacitor Flux Coils: Type-E Power Core Modification: Capacitor Flux.

Capacitor Power Relays: Type-E Power Core Modification: Capacitor Power.

Capacitor Rechargers: F-b10 Nominal Capacitor Regenerator.

Power Diagnostic Systems: Type-E Power Core Modification: Diagnostic.

Reactor Control Unit: Alpha Reactor Control: Reaction Control.

Jump Fuel Types: Helium-3 // Oxygen-16 // Hydrogen-2
note: capital ships such as the Stallion take 1,000 isotopes per light-year.


Electronic Warfare:

ECCM Sensor Boosters (Gravimetric, Ladar, Magnetometric, Multi-Spectral, Radar) // Stasis Webifiers // Tracking Disruptors // Warp Jammers // Target Painters // Warp Disruption Field Generators.


Harvest Equipment:

Syndicate Gas Cloud Harvester // ORE Ice Harvester // XeCI Drilling Beam/Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II.


Warfare Links:

Armored Warfare Links // Informational Warfare Links // Siege Warfare Links // Skirmish Warfare links.


Ship Armament:

Stallion’s primary armament consists of four CR-03 Series-8 magnetic accelerator cannons. Stallion boasts a significant missile network that can be implemented for ship-to-ship combat, anti-air defense and orbital gunfire support for Ranger forces. Placed throughout the ship are 1,100 missile pods of three types: Archer, Swarm, and Howler, totaling the ship's missile payload at 25,900 missiles. Close-in defense against enemy missiles, fighters, and boarding craft is provided by the ship's M965 Fortress point defense system, a network of 830 70mm, 40mm automatic cannons, and high beams. It also has a number of Mk 2551 Portable Magnetic Accelerator Cannon placed along the ship. Other armaments are the track operated system 60 inch caliber super-heavy quad-cannons, powerful super-heavy Vulcan broadside cannons, and the deployable spinal-mounted magnetohydrodynamic arrays.

Primary Capital Weapon Systems:

4 CR-03, Series-8 SMACs (two fore, two flank) 4 Tri-X1, Series-5 MHD Arrays (two fore, two flank)

Dual Giga Pulse Laser

Dual Giga Beam Laser

Quad 3500mm Gallium Cannons

Quad 3500mm Gallium Siege Artillery

6x2500mm Heavy Gallium Repeating Cannons

Shock ‘Limos’ Citadel Torpedo Bay

Citadel Cruise Missile Launcher Bay

Mega Ion Siege Blaster

Offensive Weapon Systems:

176 Super-heavy 60in caliber quad cannons (AP,HE,PR)

Mk 2551 Portable MAC Cannons

M85 Anti-Aircraft Cannons

High Beam High Focused Laser Cannons

40 HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapons (30 megaton yield)

10 Shiva-class Thermonuclear Missiles

Defensive Weapon Systems:

350 M42 Archer Missile Pods (24mpp)

250 M75 Swarm Missile Pods (30mpp)

500 M96 Howler Missile Pods (20mpp)

830 70mm M965 Point-defense gun system with Medium Beam Focused Lasers

M97 Guided Missile Weapon Systems

Deployable HORNET Mine Field System

Ammunition & Charges:

Gleam-L Frequency Crystals // Tremor-L advanced artillery ultra-heavy ammo // Barrage advanced autocannon fusion ammo // Missiles/Rockets: Auto-targeting, Citadel Cruise, Citadel Torpedoes, Defenders, Heavy Assault, Light Assault. // Mining Crystal: Arkonor Mining Crystal

Ship Purpose:

The original purpose of Stallion was to beat back the Tet in the event that they were to attack humanity. During the Human-Tet war, it was repurposed as an expeditionary and exploratory ship. It is also the location of a Guardian-class Ranger training site. Stallion’s mission prior to the Battle of New London was to locate the remaining Human and other alien installations and establish bases on them to oversee their decommission.

Ship Compliment:

M12 Force Application Vehicles

D79H-TC Ospreys

M808B Main Battle Tanks

M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicles

M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platforms

HRUNTING/YGGDRSIL Mk IX Armor Defense Systems

F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighters

10 Heavy Tactical Cruisers (800 meters) +

20 Tactical Destroyers (450 meter long axis) +

R1295 Launching System/M9407 SOEIV (329)

B854 Jettison Bays/M8823 HEV (124)

SKT-29 Class-8 EHL/C (8,900)

RLT-85 Emergency Shuttlepods (12,570)

Ship Crew:

Total Crew: 17,151

Naval: 8,954

Rangers: 6,021

Intelligence: 1,699

Civilian: 447


Shipboard AI: Athena

Athena, just like Greek goddess, is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavor. Her attitude was programmed to be wise-like, bossy, shrewd and sometimes jokes with the officers. She is in charge of the duties and automated defense systems and all the while giving advice to anyone who needs it. Her creation was from a spark of historical personality from the Father of AI on the Atlas; the Axios. She is also created to infiltrate computer systems. She appears to be in a warrior outfit with a white/golden glow to her hologram.

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Name: Alex Arrow 

Age: 22 y/o

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair color: reddish brown

Eye color: light brown

Weapon of choice: altered .45 colt pistol (with shock mod.)

Genre: Scifi, is open to crossovers

Favorite colors: Green and white

Favorite food: anything Chinese, fried chicken

Misc. Prefers music that calms or captivates her

           Loves to swim and takes walks when she thinks

           Can sew and mend her own clothes

Alex Arrow is a character existing in ' G u a r d i a n 's universe. Chief Engineer aboard the Stallion, Alex has been repairing Commander Jak Harper's ship for four years. She was recruited onto the shop by its previous Chief Engineer, who had retired from duty at an elderly age. 

 Alex is proficient with firearms and most mechanical repairs. She also has training in piloting small space/air craft, such as fighters, helicopters, small planes, ect. Quick witted and strong willed, she has a firey attitude and refuses to take anyone's bullshit. She is well known for being one of very few individuals to question and outright disagree with her commander's orders. She manages to keep her job due to the fact that she can always be counted on to get a job done, often nearly at the cost of her life, regardless of whether she disagrees or not. Alex can't ever just leave something in the hands of someone else, and has no qualms about disregarding orders to ensure something is taken care of, especially when she knows she can do it a better way. 

 Recently, Alex has begun to develop feelings for Jak, though she hasn't quite realized this. She is a bit dense and can be naive, though she isn't ignorant of what is expected in a relationship. She's never had a serious relationship previously, and is never quite sure how to show her feelings, despite being very close to her emotions. Alex is very easy to read, her thoughts often able to be read just by her expressions and body language.

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Name:Freyalise "Crimson"
Age:Unknown (looks 24)
Hair Colour:Crimson
Personality:At first Freyalise might look cold and cocky or even rude to outsides but thats old force of habit that she tries to forget.Around people she loves and conciders family she is cheerful somewhare careless girl who enjoys teasing her big sister.Even if at first she look careless she is intellegent and tends to observe before acting knows when become serious if needed and how to control her emotions.

Elemental Manipulation:Since Freyalise was born as Viktus in Darkasakage blood line even after changing her essense ability to control over all elements remained same.
Immense Strenght and Speed:Since she was little no one matched her strenght however during training with father she was forced to carry 5000tone cufs on limbs which made her even more fast and powerful that before.
Companions:Freyalise is always accompanied by her guardian gigantic timber wolf named Kagome that her father gave her as gift when she was little.Since Kagome is made out of essence that was "overwritten"by Freyalise Kagome is also free of Darkasakge essence.


BIO:Freyalise is second daughter of Corack and Tsukiko Darkasakage even if she was born as Darkasakage since she was little her appearance and behavior was different that rest of Darkasakage.Since she was little girl she had strenght and speed that no one matched in clan not even her big sister Karengale.Due her immense strenght she was feared however girl was real scaredy cat and cry baby smallest thing would make her cry she would grab her pet timber wolf pup and run either to her mother or big sister.Seeing this some of clan members and darklings begin to mock her since Darkasakage supposed to be strong and fierce not a cry baby.

Time passed and Freyalsie grow into teens one day like always one of the biggest darklings tried to make fun out of her by accident Freyalise pushed big darkling sending him flying through several walls and killing him off.Looking around she saw darklings that was near by trembling in fear realising that only way they leave her alone if she shows agression and her strenght.Freyalise put mask of agressive person she begin to show her brutal strenght against those who mocked her making them cry and tremble in fear.Even if Freyalise acted like mindless brute she was obedient for her sister and mother they were only people who Freyalise allowed to see without her mask.

Time passed and Freyalise become young woman feared and hated by outsiders and by some of her own clan members.Eventualy she become even more feared and hated due her brutal training with her father Corack which was way to force her to break her limits she had to wear 5000 tone on each limb yet being stubborn Freyalise quickly overcame this obstacle  proving once more that she was a"monster".During free time she used to travel back from her training ground to see her big sister and mother during those travels she man named Elijah Viktus since both of clans were enemies she acted agressive toward him but it seemd like he wasnt scared of her much as he kept goofing and tease her.

She hated man and wanted to kill for mocking him but due pact their clans did she couldnt being around him most of time Freyalise decided to do what her big sister told her and make friends.She found this stupid but surprisingly Karengale's advice worked ironicly friend she made was Elijah Viktus.She begin secretly hang with him the man who she hated that much opened her eyes and showed that they are more similar that she thought.Eventualy Freyalise fell of Elijah which was weird to have such emotions but only thing she wanted is to be with him.Knowing she wont be able to be by his side as long as she was part of Darkasakage she left clan and her past behind.

Due her unique essence ability to evolve she cleanse herself from Darkasakage essense and freed herself from her fathers grasp.She knew other clan members will come after her and she was right it didnt take long Freyalise was discovered by her big sister Karengale yet she was surprised when Karengale came to offer new home clan of her own called"Anakainoò"Freyalise couldnt say no to her sister.She found place that she can call home and not being judged for what she was in the past.

Freyalise Anakainoo Jul 13 · Comments: 2 · Tags: bio, original


Full Name: Lora Silversword

Nickname: The Demon of Steel

Title: Lexi's Sister (self pro-claimed)

Occupation: Mercinary


Age: 25

Race: Human 

Gender: Female 

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 124lbs

Skin: Caucasian/tan

Hair: Long grey with black highlights/silver

Eyes: brown/red


Clothing of Choice:In Picture

Weapon of Choice: In picture 

Accessories: In picture


Alignment: Neutral

Motives: To just find a good fight and die honorably

Positive Traits: Strong, Couragous, and self sufficiant

Negative Traits: shy, doubts her own skill, and doesn't take chances

Mannerisms: Is often extremely quiet and possibly over thanks people.

Likes: Fighting, Swords, and Axes

Dislikes:When she loses, when people don't want to fight her, and people confusing her

Hobbies: Fighting and Training

Quote: "Will... will you please take the time out to fight me?"


Place of Birth:Unknown

Place of Residence:None



Education: Self-taught



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Your lips are so sweet,

Your lips are a savour taste,

Your lips are mine.

Your hands are delicates,

Your hands are perfect,

Your hands are mine.

Your body is sexy,

Your body is so perfect,

Your body is mine.

Your heart is so beautiful,

Your heart is sensitive,

Your heart is mine.


When you look at me I want to kiss you,

When you touch me all my body trembles and my heart breasts faster,

When you kiss me I'm like a fire, all my body burns.

Your kisses are so sweet to me,

Your touches are perfect to me,

And when your body is closer to mine It's so perfect.

I wonna be yours forever,

I wonna I'm your everything forever,

Like I'm yours forever,

And you're my everything forever.


Clary Fray Aug 4 · Comments: 2 · Tags: jake willis
My love for you is strong,

My love for you is intense,

My love for you is fotever.

I loved you yesterday,

I love you today,

I will love you tomorrow,

I will always love you until my death.

I will never leave you because you're my heart,

My soul,

My life,

My world.

I love you, I love you, I love you so much!!!! 

My body and my heart is yours babe <3

Clary Fray Aug 12 · Comments: 2 · Tags: jake willis

Ruby began life as a human who was alive during the peak of the Black Death, which took place from 1346 to 1353 in Europe that killed nearly 200 million people. She might have lost loved ones during the plague, as she comforted Sam by saying that she knew how it felt to lose someone.
Ruby became a witch by selling her soul to Astaroth, possibly to avoid death by the plague. Their interaction in "Malleus Maleficarum" hints that they were in a sexual relationship with one another. As a result of her deal, Ruby's soul went to Hell after she died, where she was tortured to the point that she lost most of her humanity and became a demon herself

She is Aggressive, manipulative, and deceptive, she had a rather black sense of humor. Has a strong religious faith in Lucifer, to the point that she spent two years on an undercover mission dedicated to freeing him which she eventually died on; because of this, she considered herself the best and most loyal of all his followers. She believed that he would "save" all demons. Once she freed him, she was visibly awed and ecstatic.
Ruby insisted that she was different from other demons in the sense that she remembered being human although she wished she didn't, and that these feelings compelled her to want to defend humanity.
Katastrophe© Aug 25 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

Full Name: Sirath Hashaco
Nickname: None
Title: Prime Minister
Occupation: Prime Minister of the Hashaco
Theme Song: None

Age: 304
Race: Wood-Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 160 lbs

Skin: Pale
Hair:Pale Brown
Eyes: Green
Markings: None

Clothing of Choice: Pictured
Weapon of Choice: Pictured
Accessories: None

Alignment: Neutral Good
Motives: Helping Unoti.
Positive Traits: Smart. Agile. 
Negative Traits: Physically not that strong. Un-trusting.
Mannerisms: Very respectful and polite. Except with Unoti.
Quote: "We must proceed with the utmost caution"

Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Residence: Hashaco Manor
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
Education: Unknown

Bio: (Just like Lexi, this is not my character. So I do not know the bio.)

Power Type: Nature Magic


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About Me:

Jake Willis is 17 to 18 years old, live with his father and his little sister Riley since his mother died when he was five years old, He finished his high school last year and pass some exam, attend college to do sports and photography course, he also have a job as mechanic and refuse to follow his father's step for his business. He make some friends from school, college and jobs so he have time to hang out with them at skate park, clubbing, beach party and friend's house.

Jake is cheeky, good time guy, have a laugh, wind people up but he have a good heart with caring and kind toward his family and friends, be here if they need, he show his good listener and give people advice to stop people got sad and depressed. He is the one who alway calm his little sister who got a temper problem. He also have a secret of his own, not sure if he want to let it out yet.

Rules: (reasons)     Writing Style: One liner and Paragraph.  (More than 45 words)

No Anime or Cartoon (because my character is not anime)

No Vampire or Demons (Just not comfortable to rp with)

No Mirrors (Not another Josh Hutcherson face-claims)

No god-modding (Don't kill, abuse, gay rape or suck blood)

No Novella (Sorry not have time to read a book)

No text-talk (alway make me annoying)

I'm fine with sexual roleplayers but i don't accept one night stand or friend with benefits sorry.

I am looking for RP friends and I'm straight but not homophobia, I would accept gay best friend or class-mate. Look for girlfriend who didn't broke heart or cheat.

Girlfriend face-claims: (you can choose)

Lily Collins, Lucy Hale, Annasophia Robb, Shailene Woodley, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande. (Can add more if you have other idea)

Add me if you like, Don't worry I'm flexible and I would love to discuss a storyline, connections or freestyle, so thanks for reading :)

Jake Willis Jul 21 · Comments: 1
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