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// Official Ship Specifications \\

UCS Stallion

Registration # FFTC-1703

Class: Heavy Dreadnought

Manufacturer: Fukushima-Fijikawa Ship Yards

Roles: Warship // Deep Space Exploration

Commissioned: 72 A.E.

Affiliation: United Coalition Command


UCS Stallion (FFTC-1703) was the first Heavy Dreadnought-class warship commissioned into the United Coalition Command following the end of the Human-Tet war in 3456. Stallion was a starship technology demonstrator, using recovered technology found during the discovery of facilities and installations thought once lost. Stallion’s on-board AI, Athena, oversees all activities on the ship.


// History \\

Battle of New London

The UCS Stallion has fought in many engagements but the most famous that awarded it the Golden Stallion Bust at its bow was the Battle of New London. The Stallion and her support fleet of heavy tactical cruisers, heavy destroyers and Falcon fighters defended New London from a fleet of Unforgiving hive carriers and their hive swarm. Commander Jak Harper and his tactical genius were able to successfully defend against the hive swarms and completely destroy the attacking hive carriers. Though this was prior to the invention of the magnetohydrodynamic cannon array, the battle was long and the Stallion sustained heavy damage.


Reconstruction of the Stallion

After many hard fought battles the Stallion had to be decommissioned for the major overhaul of upgrades and refitting its weapons, shields, sensors, trackers, communications and scanners. Through few months of reconstruction and redesign the Stallion was recommissioned back to the front lines as vessel with two roles; warship and an exploration starship.


Discovery of Ays

During 99 A.E. the Stallion and her occupants came across an undiscovered gas giant with an orbiting moon who its inhabitants call it Ays. The large vessel made land fall and deployed its engineers, technicians and xenoarcheologists on to the surface of Ays. The inhabitants known as Takkan graced the large crew of the Stallion and shared history, culture, medical knowledge, and star charts of the sector. This led to the Gaia Sanction allowing the Takkan into their graces as civilians.


Ship Specifications Pt. II

Stallion is approximately 8.7 kilometers (5.2 miles) from bow to stern, placing it as the third largest UCC vessel. Stallion was given high tech advancements in technology. It has a primary armament consisting of four Magnetic Accelerator Cannons. The hull and shielding have been shown to be immensely powerful, as demonstrated when it rammed a Tactical-class armored cruiser and destroyed it without even breaking its own shields. Her construction was intended on having a “tank” like warship with no view ports besides the single forward facing view port on the bridge. Even then the bridge has its own shutter system. The design also implemented a self-repair/upgradable automated rings. They can deploy from any area that is needs attention. The engines are of Fukushimia-Fijikawa design, built and designed on the Atlas.

Length: 8,500 meters (27,887 feet)

Width: 2,414 meters (7,920 feet)

Height:  1,842 meters (6.043 feet)

Engine Unites:

XR2 Borlin Fields: S81/X-DFR // Mk III Core-C 1000 MWD // Capital Auxiliary Thrusters

Slipspace Drive:

Jump Portal Generator Mk II // Cynosural Field Generator // Cynosural Generator Array


Advanced Hexagon Metaphase Shields (protects from energy, explosive, projectiles)


654 centimeters (257.48 feet) Ferromagnetic Ablative/Reactive Battle plating, Tritanium-A3, Hyperadamanium

 Sensor Systems:

LIDAR // Spectroscopes // Radar // Long Range Sensors // EVA Probe // Internal Scans // Geological Scan // Cargo Scanners // Ship to Ship Scanners // Survey Scanners // Scanner & Survey Probe scanners.

Repair Systems:

LX-Automated Deployable Repair/Construction Rings // Capital Nano-assemblers for on the fly repairs



Power Core: Super Hyper-Arc Fusion Power Core “Apollo-class”.

Auxiliary Power Controls: Thukker Auxiliary Power Core.

Capacitor Batteries: Capital XL Peroxide Capacitor Power Cells.

Capacitor Boosters: Heavy F-RX Prototype Capacitor Boosters.

Capacitor Flux Coils: Type-E Power Core Modification: Capacitor Flux.

Capacitor Power Relays: Type-E Power Core Modification: Capacitor Power.

Capacitor Rechargers: F-b10 Nominal Capacitor Regenerator.

Power Diagnostic Systems: Type-E Power Core Modification: Diagnostic.

Reactor Control Unit: Alpha Reactor Control: Reaction Control.

Jump Fuel Types: Helium-3 // Oxygen-16 // Hydrogen-2
note: capital ships such as the Stallion take 1,000 isotopes per light-year.


Electronic Warfare:

ECCM Sensor Boosters (Gravimetric, Ladar, Magnetometric, Multi-Spectral, Radar) // Stasis Webifiers // Tracking Disruptors // Warp Jammers // Target Painters // Warp Disruption Field Generators.


Harvest Equipment:

Syndicate Gas Cloud Harvester // ORE Ice Harvester // XeCI Drilling Beam/Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II.


Warfare Links:

Armored Warfare Links // Informational Warfare Links // Siege Warfare Links // Skirmish Warfare links.


Ship Armament:

Stallion’s primary armament consists of four CR-03 Series-8 magnetic accelerator cannons. Stallion boasts a significant missile network that can be implemented for ship-to-ship combat, anti-air defense and orbital gunfire support for Ranger forces. Placed throughout the ship are 1,100 missile pods of three types: Archer, Swarm, and Howler, totaling the ship's missile payload at 25,900 missiles. Close-in defense against enemy missiles, fighters, and boarding craft is provided by the ship's M965 Fortress point defense system, a network of 830 70mm, 40mm automatic cannons, and high beams. It also has a number of Mk 2551 Portable Magnetic Accelerator Cannon placed along the ship. Other armaments are the track operated system 60 inch caliber super-heavy quad-cannons, powerful super-heavy Vulcan broadside cannons, and the deployable spinal-mounted magnetohydrodynamic arrays.

Primary Capital Weapon Systems:

4 CR-03, Series-8 SMACs (two fore, two flank) 4 Tri-X1, Series-5 MHD Arrays (two fore, two flank)

Dual Giga Pulse Laser

Dual Giga Beam Laser

Quad 3500mm Gallium Cannons

Quad 3500mm Gallium Siege Artillery

6x2500mm Heavy Gallium Repeating Cannons

Shock ‘Limos’ Citadel Torpedo Bay

Citadel Cruise Missile Launcher Bay

Mega Ion Siege Blaster

Offensive Weapon Systems:

176 Super-heavy 60in caliber quad cannons (AP,HE,PR)

Mk 2551 Portable MAC Cannons

M85 Anti-Aircraft Cannons

High Beam High Focused Laser Cannons

40 HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapons (30 megaton yield)

10 Shiva-class Thermonuclear Missiles

Defensive Weapon Systems:

350 M42 Archer Missile Pods (24mpp)

250 M75 Swarm Missile Pods (30mpp)

500 M96 Howler Missile Pods (20mpp)

830 70mm M965 Point-defense gun system with Medium Beam Focused Lasers

M97 Guided Missile Weapon Systems

Deployable HORNET Mine Field System

Ammunition & Charges:

Gleam-L Frequency Crystals // Tremor-L advanced artillery ultra-heavy ammo // Barrage advanced autocannon fusion ammo // Missiles/Rockets: Auto-targeting, Citadel Cruise, Citadel Torpedoes, Defenders, Heavy Assault, Light Assault. // Mining Crystal: Arkonor Mining Crystal

Ship Purpose:

The original purpose of Stallion was to beat back the Tet in the event that they were to attack humanity. During the Human-Tet war, it was repurposed as an expeditionary and exploratory ship. It is also the location of a Guardian-class Ranger training site. Stallion’s mission prior to the Battle of New London was to locate the remaining Human and other alien installations and establish bases on them to oversee their decommission.

Ship Compliment:

M12 Force Application Vehicles

D79H-TC Ospreys

M808B Main Battle Tanks

M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicles

M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platforms

HRUNTING/YGGDRSIL Mk IX Armor Defense Systems

F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighters

10 Heavy Tactical Cruisers (800 meters) +

20 Tactical Destroyers (450 meter long axis) +

R1295 Launching System/M9407 SOEIV (329)

B854 Jettison Bays/M8823 HEV (124)

SKT-29 Class-8 EHL/C (8,900)

RLT-85 Emergency Shuttlepods (12,570)

Ship Crew:

Total Crew: 17,151

Naval: 8,954

Rangers: 6,021

Intelligence: 1,699

Civilian: 447


Shipboard AI: Athena

Athena, just like Greek goddess, is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavor. Her attitude was programmed to be wise-like, bossy, shrewd and sometimes jokes with the officers. She is in charge of the duties and automated defense systems and all the while giving advice to anyone who needs it. Her creation was from a spark of historical personality from the Father of AI on the Atlas; the Axios. She is also created to infiltrate computer systems. She appears to be in a warrior outfit with a white/golden glow to her hologram.

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