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NAME: Zachary AdamsNICKNAMES: ZachAGE: Unknown(Physical appearance 24)GENDER: MaleSPECIES: Incubus HEIGHT: 6"2MARITAL STATUS: SingleSEXUALITY: Bisexual BIO:The second son of twins, Damien was born into a world of sin, seduction, pleasure and pain, with a demon lord sire and a h... more
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Personality At first glance, Ghirahim appears to be calm, confident, and collected, although very flamboyant. He often acts gentlemanly, speaking eloquently and formally introducing himself to Link. He even shows a slight sense of sportsmanship at the beginning, promising not to... more
Athens, Ottoman Empire (present-day Greece) Birthdate September 13, 1589 Age 19 (Soulcalibur V) Height 5' 9-1/2 Weight 154 lbs. Blood type B Weapon Soul Calibur (Iai Sword Form) Weapon name Soul Calibur (Iai Blade) Fighting style Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyu tsu Family G... more

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